Bloomberg: Facebook inaccessibility caused Erdogan to make social media complaints louder

The temporary closure of Facebook and its applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger around the world the previous day does not fall off the agenda of the international public.

The US-based media organization Bloomberg focused on the impact of this problem on Facebook in Turkey and announced it to its readers with a news/analysis. The newspaper used the headline “After the inaccessibility of Facebook, Erdogan began to voice his complaints about social media more loudly”.

In the article published in Bloomberg, “Erdogan, who has little tolerance for political criticism on social media, called for a new digital order after the problem with Facebook. Erdogan’s communications director, Fahrettin Altın, said that what happened on Facebook shows how fragile social networks are and that local and national alternatives should be made quickly.

The article states, “Political leaders in Turkey have had a strained relationship with social media platforms over the past 10 years. President Erdoğan has threatened to shut down some social media platforms in the past and stated that there have been personal attacks on both him and his family.

In the article reminding that YouTube and Wikipedia have been banned for years, it was noted that access to Twitter is sometimes slowed down as well, adding, “Social media companies were penalized for not appointing a local representative. Earlier this year, the Turkish government advised members of the press to stop using WhatsApp. Many government institutions, including the Presidential office, communicate with the press through BiP, established by Turkcell.

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