Statement from the new prime minister that angered the Austrian dissidents

Alexander Schallenberg, the new prime minister of Austria, who succeeded Sebastian Kurz, who was forced to resign last week due to corruption allegations, made a statement to the press.

Schallenberg, to whom the Austrian opposition reacted with the claim that he was “close to Kurz”, said, “Of course I will work closely with Sebastian Kurz. “I believe the allegations against Kurz are untrue, and I predict that at the end of the day, these allegations will turn out to be unfounded,” he said.


Austria’s 35-year-old former prime minister, Sebastian Kurz, resigned the previous day to become the head of the Austrian People’s Party and become prime minister in 2016, amid accusations that he had “made bespoke polls and funded the Fellner Media Group for news support”.

Drawing attention with his anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic attitudes throughout his career, Kurz was known by the Turkish public for his anti-Turkey statements.

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